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Too Many Cars
By Colin

  Too Many Cars

Too many people drive their cars around town. I think that everybody should ride a bike instead. Riding a bike gives you a good workout. I like to breath the fresh air and look around during our rides.

After Dad's car had some problems we had to ride our bikes to get around town. We now go grocery shopping with my old trailer. We can pack loads of things in there and if I am riding my own bike we can even pack more stuff.

I have been riding my bike to school for a long time. Sometimes the mornings are very cold. I get warmed up when I get in the classroom. If we go far far away we ride my trail-a-bike. I like my trail-a-bike because I can take a break if I get tired and just sit and relax.

It can be hard to cross the street when there are a lot of cars around. Most cars will not even stop for kids, they just keep going and going. Everybody is always in a big hurry to get somewhere. If you still drive a car please slow down and be careful for kids on bikes.

I have to wear a helmet every time I ride my bike even if I only ride just a little far. When you ride on the street it important to focus on riding. There are many things that you can crash into if your not careful.

I like riding because I can decide what bike I want to ride each day. I counted up all the gears on all my 6 bikes and I have 21 speeds all together.

More people should get out of their cars and ride their bike to work and school. If more people stopped driving everywhere there would be more room for bikes. Just get out of you car and give it a try. You might like it too.

The End

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