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Shimano TL-PD40 Pedal Axle Removal Tool
By: Shimano

  1. No scratching plastic
  2. Wide slots for bench vice installation
  3. Shimano Reference Number: TL-PD40

Dimensions: Length: 1.5" Width: 1.5" Height: 0.5"

Product Description:

Shimano TL-PD40 lets you service most Shimano pedals that have a plastic sleeve with external splines.

Where to Buy

Niagara Cycle Works$1.09 1-2 business days

one of those must have but rarely used tools       rating
by:       on: 29-Jul 2009

This tool is one of those things that rumbles around the bottom of your toolbox and hardly ever gets used. And then, the stars align, free time magically appears, and you need to re-grease your SPD pedals. Taking off the spindle of an SPD pedal is just too dang hard without one of these. Boo Shimano... But, you risk damaging the plastic spindle housing if you go at it with a wrench. With this, it's easy to remove the spindle correctly, and very easy to put back on without getting your fingers gnarled up.

Do you really need this? No, but this is the right tool for the job and makes rebuilding SPD pedals a lot easier and faster. It even comes with nice arrows telling you which way to turn the tool depending on what pedal you're working with. Some may say, just drill a grease port into the pedal! Well, yeah that works for some but not all SPD pedals. My ancient Ultra SPD pedals do not have a place for a well aimed drill. And if you want to rebuild the pedal, you still need one of these.

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