Supertype: Miche strikes again
by: David Díaz Blanco

Miche is a historic Italian bicycle componentry manufacturer. They started back in 1936, when Ferdinando Michelin decided to change his business from being a bicycle manufacturer (started in 1909) to a company that specializes in componentry development. They have long been considered as one of the references of the Italian cycling industry, but, as happened with many other componentry manufacturers, it was eclipsed in the last century quarter by the almighty Campagnolo.

Miche never tried to fight battles lost from the beginning and they have gone on with their business successfully, even though they have been ignored by the cycling world as of late. The result is that, in these oligopolistic days, the whole industry seems to dance to the rhythm of Campagnolo and Shimano engineers, Miche has remained independent. They have not been asleep and have relied upon the highest technology available to face the new century.

With the latest CAD/CAM tools, the most advanced forge processes, the newest CNC machinery and the most demanding quality tests, nobody can say their products lack reliability and top performance. Now they will try to go a step beyond, and reach the acknowledgments of the whole cycling enthusiasts, not only of the most informed ones.


Their first movement in that direction is the release of the new Supertype componentry. Supertype is a set of high-end components, that includes the crankset, a pair of hubs, the cassette cogs, a pair of pedals and a seatpost.

The Supertype crankset tries to combine the typical Italian classical look with the latest technology available. It is made of Avional 2014 aluminum alloy, forged and heat treated. After the forging, the piece is CNC machined, so it joins the best of both worlds: the hardness and fiber orientation provided by the forging process, and the abilities of the CNC machines to develop extremely high precision shapes. Once finished the shaping of the piece, it is carefully polished and silver anodized.

Chainrings are made of Ergal 7075 aluminum alloy. This is the hardest alloy available, so it is used to also manufacture the chainring bolts. Miche sells this crankset in 167.5, 170, 172.5 and 175mm sizes. The weight reached is really good: only 570gr.

Hubs have been an area where Miche has traditionally excelled in. This time they have developed an oversize type set with both body and axle made of 7075 aluminum. The integrated freewheel body is also made of the same aluminum and it is available for Shimano and Campagnolo sprockets. These hubs feature double sealing bearings with special lubrication that ensures a long-lasting flawless rolling. It is very easy to service them and they weigh only 160 g (5.6 oz) for the front one and 310 g (10.8 oz) for the rear. These weights include the included quick releases! They are polished and then silver anodized for a great look.


The Supertype pedals bring an innovative concept: they try to join the ergonomics and the power transmission characteristics of the large cleat models with the low weight of the small cleat ones. As for its construction, Miche has used very few traditional materials. The main body is made of CNC machined magnesium, the axle has a very special titanium alloy has been used (G6 certified), and the bearing cartridge is made of aluminum. The engaging piece is made of carbon fiber.

All these innovations could result in a few reliable components, but Miche has successfully tested these pedals during a year in the professional competition field. The tension regulation is very easy to do and its status can be viewed thanks to the window mounted on the rear side. It is also easy to keep the system lubricated: there is a valve that allows the entrance of grease. This time, weight is especially remarkable: 272 g (9.5 oz) each pair for a very ergonomic pedal.

The new cassette sprocket set is made of Ergal 7075 T6 aluminum alloy. To face the hard life that this component always has, they are deeply anodized. This means that the controlled oxidation of aluminum (that is what anodization is ) is much thicker than with a regular process. The external layer thus obtained is much harder than naked aluminum, so this component is more durable than other aluminum sprockets. The most mechanically demanded cog, the small one, is made of steel. These cogs have a profile that allows the chain to be engaged in two of them at the same time, so transitions when shifting is made are very smooth. The weight is just 114 g (4 oz) in the 12/21 combination. These cogs are sold one for one, so you can make any combination from 12 teeth to 28. They are available as well for Campagnolo compatible freewheel bodies as for Shimano.


And the last component is a Seat Post. Its look is impressive because on its top it leaves the typical tubular shape to show perfect CNC work. It is made of 6082 aluminum, forged and then CNC machined with polished and anodized finish. Its length is 220 mm and it weighs 250 g (8.7 oz) in 27.2mm diameter. This weight is not exceptional, but Miche has tried to develop a very safe component more than a very light one. The locking system provides a very wide range of positions of the saddle.

These are all the Supertype components, but Miche manufactures many other ones always with the best quality and innovative solutions. All they are a good choice to enjoy the highest technology available and have a different touch in your bicycle.