EVT Efficient Velo Tools
Portland, OR

EVT was Founded in 1999 by master service manager and bicycle mechanic Brett Flemming. Brett designed EVT’s first product, the Offset Velo Clamp. Dissatisfied with many of the tools on the market, Brett decided he could design and build better bicycle tools for hi-speed repair.

EVT offers a line of bicycle repair tools conceived by Brett while managing the service department at one of the industries busiest fleet of shops, The Bike Gallery in Portland, Oregon.

The result is a selective line of tools used and respected by top mechanics around the world who are motivated to work more efficiently and treat their client’s property with the utmost respect.

A handful of our tools are subcontracted out to C.N.C. “job shops”, all within a few mile of our Portland, Oregon workshop. The award-winning Safe Zone Mirror, a road safety tool with no equal, is manufactured at factories within an hour’s bike ride of EVT. Brett is a relationship-builder who knows our production partners by first name, reflecting the community-based economy for which Portland is famous.