Boston, MA

Pedros was founded in 1989 with the release chain lube called “Syn Lube”. The founders raced mountain bikes in the Pacific Northwest and couldn’t find a lube that would last an entire race in the muddy conditions.  The other Teflon based chain lubes couldn’t handle the mud, but Syn Lube quickly became the lube of choice due to its unique combination of synthetic oil, staying power, and detergent ingredients. 

With the mountain bike boom of the 90’s, the New England based Pedro’s brand grew quickly over the next six years introducing Syn Grease, Syn Lube Road, Bio Degreaser, Bike Lust polish, Extra Dry lube, Oranj Peelz degreaser, and a small line of accessories made from recycled plastics including the Milk levers, Milk cage, and grips.

Pedro’s cleaner and lubrication products for sale in North America, South America, Asia, and Australia are produced in the United States. Components for these products are sourced from a variety of U.S. manufacturers and are then filled, packaged, and shipped by a family owned and operated business located in Massachusetts in operation since 1956.