Revelate Designs
Anchorage, AK

Revelate Designs was founded in Anchorage Alaska in 2007 dedicated to creating bikepacking gear.  As a pioneer and forerunner, Revelate has innovated many of the systems and bag concepts found in the market today, namely handlebar harness systems with modular drybags and front pouches, stem-mounted feedbags, and modular drybag saddle bags. They pioneered the use of airpurge valves in their saddle bags and were the first to manufacture high quality production scale frame bags. In 2013 we were also the first to offer fully waterproof handlebar and seat bag systems.

Their main production facility is located in Springfield Oregon where all of our sewn products are made. Domestic materials are used when possible. Even though the bags are “Made in USA” we have to label them as “Made in USA with domestic and imported components”.