Rolf Prima
Eugene, OR

Rolf Prima has earned its place as the leader in high-performance wheel design.  Designed and built in Eugene, Oregon.

Their Paired Spoke technology broke new ground when it was introduced in 1997. Bringing the spokes to the rim in pairs neutralizes the left and right outward pulling forces allowing us to build true wheels on lighter rims with fewer spokes. Fewer spokes and lighter rims help create increased aerodynamics and faster performing wheels.

Their Delta profile takes that cue using increased width and sidewall shaping to improve airflow and stability in straight on and crosswind situations. This wider rim is not just faster, but the additional tire support improves cornering and handling in all riding conditions.

Internal nipples Rolf Prima is able to reduce stresses on the nipple because the nipple is in compression. Building with internal nipples also decreases the overall wind drag of the wheel, increasing aerodynamic benefits.