Bicycle Repairs
Spring Bicycle Tune-Up
Spring is in the air now that it is warming up outside it is time to get your ride ready for spring.
Pre-Ride Checklist
9 Things to check on your bike before your next ride
Emergency Bicycle Repairs
Some basic tips that can help you make it home
Headset Adjustment
A loose headset can seriously damage your frame
Front Derailleur Adjustment / Cable Replacement
Adjust your front derailler to keep smooth bicycle shifting
How to Repair a Flat Bicycle Tire
Repairing a flat tire is not hard to do and will save you $$$ if you do it yourself
How to Adjust Your Rear Derailleur
An incorrectly adjusted rear derailleur can cause mis-shifts, grinding gears changes, chain skips...
Monthly Bicycle Maintenance
Keep your bike in tune